Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC owns the mortgage servicing rights to your loan. We contract with various sub- servicers to service loans on our behalf. These sub-servicers process payments, manage the escrow, and provide customer service for your existing mortgage. If you have any servicing related questions regarding your existing mortgage, you can contact your sub-servicer directly using the information below.

What does that mean to you?

Any questions about your current mortgage (payments, payoff or escrow information, etc) will be answered by the subservicer than handles your loan. Lakeview can’t directly answer these questions.

So what if I have a question about my existing mortgage?

To make sure your needs are addressed as quickly as possible, please contact your subservicer directly! We work with five subservicing partners, and their contact info is listed below.

How do I know which subservicer to contact?

Check your monthly statement! Statements are sent by your subservicer directly. Click here for more information.

This is confusing. What if I still don’t know who my subservicer is?

Call the 800 number on your monthly statement. The numbers on your statement are associated with your subservicer, and will ensure that your question or concern is addressed promptly.

Our Subservicing Partners:

  • LoanCare
    (800) 274-6600
  • M&T Bank
    (800) 724-2224
  • Cenlar
    (800) 223-6527
  • Flagstar Bank
    (800) 968-7700
  • Arvest Central Mortgage Co.
    (800) 366-2132

Share Your Concern

Your experience with Lakeview is important to us, and your feedback is always appreciated. If you feel there is an issue we should address, we want to know about it – please use this form to tell us. Our staff is empowered and motivated to provide excellent customer service. You should expect a response within 2 business days.